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Care Plans

Your Heat created competitive and flexible payment solutions to help you get the most efficient heating system or cover the existing one, depending on the type, age, and the level of cover you are looking for.

Boiler Service Care Plan

We’ve put together Boiler Service plans to help you spread the costs of annual boiler service over 12 months. The main benefit of the Boiler Sevice plan is getting more boiler tests and checks than you would get with a regular service, which is why this is the only compulsory plan among our care plans.
This option makes you confident about the ultimate performance of your boiler, as a well-maintained boiler is less likely to break. After all, an annual boiler service is a requirement most of the manufacturers include in their guarantees.

Boiler and Controls Care Plan

Our Boiler & Programmer plans cover old domestic boilers up to 70kW, programmers, and smart controls that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.
We’ll repair your boiler or programmer in case it breaks down and ensure your peace of mind.
If your boiler or programmer is irreparable or in case we can’t supply you with the required parts, we’ll install a newer, better model with your consent, free of charge.
Note that we can’t cover back boilers or any boiler that comes with a square flue.

Full System Care Cover Plan

Your Heat’s Pipework plans support households including children, the elderly, and vulnerable people. This plan covers repairing pipework and radiators breakdown, replacements, as well as above-ground drainage. If there is an emergency in your household we’ll make you a priority. We’ll pop up at your place within the next 24 hours and fix the failure as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about buying and financing a new boiler and our care plans, we’ll be more than happy to assist you with answers – contact our team. Down below, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

01 What is the interest rate on boiler finance?

Your Heat offer interest-free, 0% Boiler Finance deals that spread the cost of a new boiler over 2 years. Also, we offer reasonable interest deals within our Boiler Finance plans over 5, 8 and 10 years with still lower monthly payments than with our 0% Boiler Finance deals.

02 Why should I consider finance when buying a new boiler?

The greatest benefits of our Finance deals include having your boiler maintained so it is less likely to break, while on the other side, these deals spread the repair costs in case your boiler breaks down suddenly.

03 Do you offer fixed interests for the duration of payment plans?

We do. There are no hidden fees or additional expenses, so your interest will remain the same for the entirety of your plan.

04 What boiler models are covered by your Finance deals?

All Worcester boilers are covered by Finance deals.

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