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Should I Turn Water Off When Going on Holiday Installing a new Stop Cock

Should I Turn Water Off When Going on Holiday

Title: Should I Turn Water Off When Going on Holiday?




Going on a holiday is undoubtedly an exciting time that we all eagerly anticipate. However, amidst the excitement and preparation, it is essential not to overlook certain practical considerations, such as water management in our homes. A common question that arises when planning a trip is whether to turn off the water supply while away. In this blog post, we will delve into this topic, exploring the benefits, potential risks, and necessary precautions associated with shutting off the water to ensure a worry-free holiday. Understand your Stop Cock, possibly installing a new stop cock and truly understand Should I Turn Water Off When Going on Holiday


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The Importance of the Stop Cock:


The stop cock serves as the primary valve controlling the flow of water into your property. Locating the stop cock is crucial in case of an emergency, such as a burst pipe or plumbing mishaps. Familiarise yourself with its location to facilitate easy access when required. Being aware of this vital valve enhances your understanding of why turning off the water can be a wise decision when leaving your home vacant.


Benefits of Turning the Water Off:


Prevention of Leaks and Floods:

One of the main reasons for shutting off the water supply when going away is to safeguard your property from potential leaks, bursts, or flooding. Even small plumbing issues can exacerbate in your absence, leading to significant damage. By isolating the water supply, you minimize the risk of returning to a waterlogged home.


Cost Savings:

Water bills can accumulate, particularly if you have unnoticed leaks that persist while you’re away. By turning off the water, you can avoid unnecessary expenses resulting from leaks or wastage. Such preventive measures can go a long way in conserving water and reducing your utility bills.


Installing a New Stop Cock:


If your property’s stop cock is outdated, prone to leaks, or difficult to operate, consider replacing it before your holiday. A new stop cock ensures the water supply can be easily controlled, thereby increasing peace of mind during your absence. Consult a professional plumber who can guide you on the best and most efficient options available.  We even install Surestop Remote Stop Cocks


Precautions to Take Before Turning off the Water:


Drain the System:

Before shutting off the main water valve, it is essential to drain the system as much as possible. Start by opening all taps and flush all toilets to eliminate any excess water in the pipes. This step helps minimise the likelihood of residual liquid causing damage during your trip away


Include Seasonal Considerations – Your Stop Cock:

If you are taking a trip during the colder months, additional precautions are necessary to protect your plumbing from freezing. Insulating exposed pipes, draining outdoor taps, and leaving the heating system on a low setting can help prevent burst pipes caused by freezing conditions.


Notify Relevant Parties:

Informing your neighbours, housing association, or a trusted friend about your decision to turn off the water can be advantageous. They can keep a vigilant eye on your property while you’re away and act promptly in the event of any unforeseen emergencies.


Alternatives to Turning off the Water:


If you are unsure about completely shutting off the water, feasible alternatives are available. For instance, you can consider installing an automatic shut-off valve that activates when excessive water flow or leakage is detected. Smart home devices can also offer remote control or monitoring of your water supply, providing additional security and peace of mind.


Conclusion: So Should I Turn Water Off When Going on Holiday?


To conclude.  Turning off the main supply when going away is a practical step that can help prevent possible disasters and unnecessary expenses. By utilising your property’s stop cock or considering a new installation, you can ensure easy water isolation during your absence. Taking necessary precautions before and during vacation further safeguards your property against leaks or plumbing emergencies. Remember, it is always better to err on the side of caution and return home to a dry and worry-free environment. Enjoy your vacation without fretting about potential water mishaps!



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