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The Best Place for Thermostat:

Best Place for Thermostat

The Best Place for Thermostat: Enhancing Comfort and Energy Efficiency



Selecting the best place for your thermostat within a home is crucial for maintaining a comfortable environment and optimising energy efficiency.  For our guide on the best Smart Thermostat for your home, click HERE


Importance of Thermostat Placement:

Crucially, proper placement of a thermostat plays a significant role in managing indoor temperatures effectively and ensuring maximum comfort.


Considerations for Thermostat Placement:

Several factors must be assessed when determining the best spot for a thermostat, such as proximity to heat sources and ventilation systems.


  1. Optimal Room Selection:

Choosing the most frequently used room that represents the average temperature of the entire house is vital. This room should be well insulated and away from direct sunlight or drafts.


  1. Thermostat Height:

The recommended height for thermostat placement is around five feet from the floor to ensure accurate temperature readings and avoid interference.


  1. Avoiding Heat Sources:

Additionally thermostats try to situate away from heat emitting appliances, fireplaces.  Or direct sunlight, so do what you can to get this right.   Prevent false temperature readings and system overcompensation.


  1. Maintaining Airflow:

Placing thermostats away from obstructions such as curtains, furniture, or doors will ensure proper airflow and improved temperature regulation.


  1. Central Location:

Additionally, choosing a central location within the home allows the thermostat to obtain an accurate representation of overall temperature, also minimising energy wastage.


  1. Avoiding Drafts:

And trying to prevent drafts from affecting temperature measurements, thermostats must always be positioned away from windows, doors, or areas with a high airflow. The Energy Savings trust also have their say


  1. Hallway Placement:

Moreover, the hallway can be a great location as it tends to represent the average temperature of the entire house accordingly and also allows an equal distribution of heat.


  1. Adequate Wiring Accessibility:

Also, ensure that the thermostat’s placement allows for accessing wiring, making installation and maintenance easier for heating professionals.



Finally, by considering factors such as optimal room choice, stat height, keep away from heat sources and drafts, keeping airflow, central location, hallway location, and wiring, also home owners can identify the best position for their thermostat’s. A well placed thermostat enables precise temperature control, enhanced comfort, and improve energy efficiency throughout the home

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