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worcester bosch 30i combi

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i Combi Boiler Review

Worcester Bosch has been one of the most reputable and reliable boiler manufacturers for almost 60 years now. Today, we wanted to introduce you to the Worcester Greenstar 30i Combi boiler, one of their most popular combi boilers for its efficiency, build quality and design. If you would like to find out more about this medium-sized, UK-favourite boiler, check out its multiple pros as well as a few cons. Or perhaps you just need the 30i combi boiler manual or greenstar 30i


Best Features

  • Amazing efficiency (especially if you pair it with the Bosch EasyControl system),
  • Uses less electricity than most similar combi boilers due to the low-energy pump,
  • User-friendly, simple display panel,
  • Does not condensate in freezing temperatures.

A-Rated Efficiency

Replacing an old boiler with a new one can make a huge difference in your energy bills. So it’s good to know the Greenstar 30i uses even less energy than you would expect of a new boiler. By connecting it with the Bosch EasyControl system, you can reduce the overall energy consumption even more (up to 30%). Combined with this system, the Greenstar 30i boasts an amazing A+ERP efficiency rating.

Simple Controls

Worcester Bosch knows simplicity is key. Their controls are easy to understand and use but still technologically advanced. You can fine-tune it to your needs and use more or less energy and heat more or less water.


The worcester bosch greenstar 30i combi boiler features medium capacity and it can handle your hot water and central heating needs. One of the things that set it apart from other combi boilers on the market is that this model gives you extra convenience.

You can take a bath at the same time as some of your other family members are showering (if you have two bathrooms), washing the dishes, or using water for any other purpose. We also really love the fact the Greenstar 30i can supply 15 radiators in your home with hot water.


If you already have a combi boiler and a hot water cylinder, you won’t have to invest in fitting a hot water cylinder. However, if you don’t, the price of the new boiler will increase. Also, installing your boiler in a different position and changing the route of pipework will add up to overall costs. Other than that, the 30i comes at a reasonable price considering all the features and benefits it offers.


This is the cherry on the top. The Greenstar 30i comes with a generous 10-year warranty (if you buy it through Your Heat) so you can sleep peacefully, knowing you won’t be left high and dry if anything goes wrong.

Are There Alternatives to the Greenstar 30i?

If you prefer UK-based manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch that offer reliability, superior efficiency and excellent warranties, the 30i might be your best bet. On the other hand, Viessman could be a great alternative. This German company produces technically brilliant boilers but may not provide as great customer service as Worcester Bosch.

Greenstar 30i Drawbacks


Looking for a long-lasting combi boiler? Then make stainless steel heat-exchangers your priority. With the Greenstar 30i, we believe heat-exchangers are made of aluminum alloy, which tends to be less durable than stainless steel.


If you don’t have a really strong need for a boiler as powerful (30Kw) as the Greenstar 30i (30Kw), the Greenstar 25i could suit you. It offers quite similar features and slightly less power at a significantly lower price.


The worcester bosch greenstar 30i combi boiler is, no doubt, one of the best bets on the market. This fantastic combi boiler can meet your needs and expectations, and even surpass them. We supply and install Worcester boilers and provide the best price deals on new boilers. Get an instant online quote or contact us for more info! Just need the worcester bosch greenstar 30i combi boiler manual? Click Here

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