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Don’t miss 12-year guarantee on Lifestyle 8000 boilers

On average, homeowners consider replacing their boilers every 15 years or so. Typically, an old boiler can lose performance over time, making it harder to heat the home. You may even notice a peak in your energy bills, even though you can’t feel any difference in temperatures. That’s one of the most common complaints about old boilers: they are less energy-efficient and deliver less performance. They also tend to develop expensive faults.

So, if it’s time for you to buy a new boiler you might wonder how to make your investment last for as long as possible. The answer is simple: Opt for a range that gives you a long warranty, such as the 12-year guarantee on Lifestyle 8000 boilers.

A smart boiler that looks towards the future

The Greenstar Lifestyle 8000 boilers range from Worcester Bosch brings a revolution into the world of heating. Many of our customers have happily chosen the Lifestyle range, not only for the 12-year guarantee on Lifestyle 8000 boilers but also for the elegant black and white design of the combi boiler. The Lifestyle range also comes with high tech smart control, using wireless compatibility to integrate smoothly into the modern household. If you’re new to intelligent controls our engineers will be happy to show you how to operate your Lifestyle 8000 boiler.

We offer you a boiler deal

We also run a £300 boiler scrappage scheme to replace your old boiler with an energy-saving, smart and elegant model. The 12-year guarantee on Lifestyle 8000 boilers seals the deal to make it the perfect investment for the comfort of your household.

Get your 12-year guarantee on Lifestyle 8000 boilers now! 

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