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Worcester 25i fault Worcester 30i fault

Fault Codes Worcester i Combi ErP

Worcester 25i Fault and Worcester 30i Fault: Insights and Solutions

Our Introduction:

The Worcester 25i and Worcester 30i are popular models of boilers that serve as vital components in many homes and businesses. However, despite their reliability, these boilers may encounter specific faults, requiring prompt attention and resolution. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Worcester 25i and Worcester 30i faults, highlighting their causes, potential solutions, and the importance of regular maintenance.

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Worcester 25i combi & Worcester 30i Combi Fault codes

Electrical interruption fault – FD231 Fault – The power has been interrupted during a lockout
Fan/Airflow fault – C7 214 – Fan does not run during the start up phase
Fan/Airflow fault C6 215 Fan speed too high
Fan/Airflow fault C6 216 Fan speed too low
Fan/Airflow fault C7 217 Fan has stop
Fan/Airflow fault C1 264 Fan stopped during operation
Fan/Airflow fault C4 273 Continuous fan operation for the last 24 hours (appliance temporary blocked)
Flow sensor fault E2 222 Flow temperature sensor shorted
Flow sensor fault E2 223 Flow temperature sensor disconnected
Flow sensor fault E9 276 Primary Flow temperature exceeded 95 °C
Flow sensor fault E2 350 Flow temperature sensor shorted
Flow sensor fault E2 351 Flow temperature sensor disconnected
Gas valve fault FA 306 Ionisation detected after the gas valve closed.
Ignition/Ionisation fault EA 227 No ionisation detected after ignition
Ignition/Ionisation fault F7 228 Ionisation current detected before burnerstart
Ignition/Ionisation fault EA 229 Loss of ionisation signal during operation
Ignition/Ionisation fault EA 261 HCM potentially defective
Internal error 9U 233 Control box or HCM is defective or loose
Internal error C4 237 Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error F0 238 Gas valve or control box error
Internal error F0 239 Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error F0 242 – 256 Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error b7 257 Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error – F0 258 & EH 258 – Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error F1 259 Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error F0 262 Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error F1 263 Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error F0 272 Control box or the HCM is defective
Internal error F0 280 Control box is defective
Internal error F0 290 Control box is defective, (Analogue / Digital converter reference error)
Internal error 328 Internal error (Mains voltage / frequency may be inconsistent)
235 Incompatible HCM software version
356 Low mains voltage, (the voltage may be interrupted or inconsistent)
360 HCM invalid
A8 361 HCM invalid
363 Ionisation measuring fault
356 Low mains voltage, (the voltage may be interrupted or inconsistent)
CC 800 Outdoor sensor defect (available when accessory outdoor sensor is connected)
DHW sensor fault – A7 808 – Domestic hot water sensor defect
Pump error A1 281 Pump stuck or running dry
Temperature fault E9 224 Flue or high limit thermostat activated (safety circuit)
Temperature fault D4 341 Primary flow temperatures rising too fast

Perform a Factory Reset

Before calling an engineer, it’s always recommended that you perform a reset of your boiler, heres how:

To reset all settings on Boiler settings and Weather sensor settings back to the factory defaults:

  • Press the and buttons for approximately 8 seconds to enter appliance menu function.
  • Press the button or the button to reset all the menu settings to the factory settings.

This is confirmed on the display with a tick and the word “Reset”. After approximately 4 seconds the display returns to main screen.

1. Introducing the Worcester 25i Fault:

The Worcester 25i Fault encompasses a range of issues that may hinder the optimal performance of this boiler model. It is essential to recognise these faults early on to prevent further damage and ensure a comfortable living environment.


2. Common Causes of Worcester 25i Fault:

Understanding the root causes of the Worcester 25i Fault is crucial for effective troubleshooting and prevention. Several factors, including faulty heat exchangers or pressure sensors, gas valve issues, or electrical circuit problems, can trigger this fault.


3. Troubleshooting Worcester 25i Fault:

Addressing the Worcester 25i Fault requires prompt action to restore the boiler’s functionality. By following a systematic approach, including checking for pressure fluctuations, inspecting the diverter valve, or cleaning the system’s filters, many issues can be resolved swiftly.


4. Introducing the Worcester 30i Fault:

Similar to the Worcester 25i, the Worcester 30i boiler may encounter specific faults that demand immediate attention. Proper identification of these faults will ensure efficient repairs and prevent inconvenience.


5. Common Causes of Worcester 30i Fault:

To effectively troubleshoot the Worcester 30i Fault, one must identify its potential causes, which may include problems with the ignition system, sensor malfunctions, or boiler blockages. Timely detection and intervention are crucial to avoid further complications.


6. Troubleshooting Worcester 30i Fault:

Resolving the Worcester 30i Fault starts with determining its underlying issues. Regular maintenance, thorough inspections, and proper cleaning techniques play pivotal roles in preventing and rectifying common problems associated with this boiler model.



The Worcester 25i and Worcester 30i boilers are reliable heating systems. However, understanding and promptly addressing faults is pivotal to their continuous operation. By familiarising oneself with the common causes and effective troubleshooting techniques discussed in this blog, homeowners and professionals alike can ensure enhanced performance and prolonged lifespan of these boilers. Regular maintenance and professional assistance are paramount to avoid downtime and maintain a comfortable living or working environment all year round.



Tom Hewitt
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