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boiler won’t stay on faulty electrodes

Faulty electrodes – Boiler wont stay on

Faulty electrodes could be why your boiler won’t stay on


No ignitey no boiler lighty

If you’re experiencing a boiler that won’t stay lit, it can be a frustrating and worrisome issue. When this occurs, one of the possible culprits is faulty electrodes. These small metal components are crucial for creating a spark that ignites the burner and keeps the boiler lit. To delve into this problem and provide you with a comprehensive guide.

This blog will explore the key reasons why boilers fail to stay lit and offer potential solutions for each issue.


Worn or dirty electrodes


Firstly, a common cause behind a boiler’s inability to stay lit is faulty electrodes. These components may become worn out, dirty, or misaligned over time. Preventing a strong spark from being generated. As a result, the boiler’s flame might not ignite fully or may even extinguish shortly after ignition.

To solve this, it’s essential to inspect and clean the electrodes regularly.  Which can be done during an annual Boiler Service.  Ensuring they are properly aligned and have the correct gap. Additionally, electrode replacement may be necessary if they are significantly damaged or worn out.



Keeping the flow!

Another factor that can impede a boiler from staying lit is inadequate gas flow. Insufficient gas supply may occur due to issues with the fuel valve or a gas line obstruction. To rectify this, it is important to check the fuel valve for any clogs, damage, or inherent faults.  Address these problems promptly. Additionally, examining the gas line for blockages or restrictions.  Can help identify and resolve the underlying issue causing the gas flow problem.  See Gas Valve Problems (coming soon)




Who’s the Pilot…

Furthermore, a malfunctioning pilot light can also be to blame for a boiler’s failure to stay lit. The pilot light produces a small flame that ignites the main burner when required. Nonetheless, if the pilot light is not working correctly.  The boiler may not receive the necessary ignition to remain lit consistently. Several factors can contribute to an unreliable pilot light, including a faulty thermocouple, a clogged pilot orifice, or improper gas pressure. By inspecting and cleaning these components or adjusting the gas pressure.  You can improve the pilot light’s performance and thus stabilise the boiler’s flame.




Maintenance is the key

In addition to the aforementioned issues, improper air supply poses another potential cause for boilers that won’t stay lit. Insufficient airflow over the burner can lead to an unsteady flame or prompt the flame to extinguish altogether. This problem can arise due to clogged air intake valves, blocked vents or flues.  Or even issues with the boiler’s fan or blower motor. To address this, regular maintenance of the air supply system is vital, cleaning or replacing dirty filters.  Ensuring vents and flues are clear, and resolving any problems with the fan or blower motor.



Call in the professionals

Lastly, overlooked issues such as gas pressure problems or electrical faults can also contribute to a boiler’s inability to remain lit. Incorrect gas pressure can disrupt the combustion process, leading to intermittent or extinguished flames. In such cases, it is advisable to consult a professional technician to assess and adjust the gas pressure appropriately.

Additionally, electrical problems, such as a faulty ignition control module or wiring issues, can also prevent the boiler from staying lit. Engaging the services of a qualified electrician can help diagnose and rectify these electrical faults effectively.


In conclusion, when faced with a boiler that won’t stay lit, it is crucial to identify and address the underlying issues promptly. Faulty electrodes, inadequate gas flow, malfunctioning pilot lights, improper air supply, gas pressure irregularities, and electrical faults.  Are among the key factors to consider. By regularly inspecting and maintaining the boiler, cleaning or replacing components as necessary.  And seeking professional assistance when needed, you can ensure its optimal performance and a consistently lit flame. Remember to prioritise safety and consult licensed professionals whenever dealing with complex or risky repairs.


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