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New Boiler Cost cost to replace boiler

Boiler Replacement – Ultimate Guide To Your New Boiler

Need a new boiler? Don’t know where to start with your Boiler Replacement?

If you’re considering getting a new boiler or replacing an old one, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog “Ultimate Guide To Your New Boiler”, we will provide you with invaluable information and guidance to help you make an informed decision about getting right your Boiler Replacement. With an idea on new boiler cost.  Things we hope to help with and understand –

Whether you’re upgrading for increased efficiency, better performance or due to a breakdown.  We’ll walk you through the process step by step, ensuring a smooth transition to your perfect replacement boiler.

We’ll look at the following key aspects…

  • Where to start?
  • Where to look?
  • What do I need?
  • Research
  • Online or Face to Face?
  • How Much
  • Finance


broken boiler broken down boiler boiler breakdown boiler fix

Where to start? – Boiler Replacement

In today’s digital age, starting your search online for a new combi boiler, heat only boiler or system boiler is a smart move. Not only does it offer convenience, but it also provides a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Wondering about the cost of a new boiler? Curious about boiler replacement options? Look no further, as we explore the relm of combi boiler cost, new boiler cost, and boiler replacements. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect boiler solution for you!

Most companies nowadays understand the importance of giving some information any time of the day and the best method most now use is an Online Estimating Tool, giving an initial indicator on price, sometimes a firm price (though it has it’s draw backs and risks).  Understanding the disruption a new boiler can have on your home, what your home needs, can acheive etc.

Bottom line is, online is the place to be, but how far you go with online is up to you. The advice is in most places.


Where to look?

Looking online for your new boiler is I think the biggest and easiest accesible place to get information, but you don’t have to stop at just boiler installation companies like ours.  Manufacturers have useful guides. Energy Savings Trust, give advice on not just boilers, but controls, renewables. There are many forums you can find (though not always the advice of a professional), you may find recomendations.  Which consumer group, carry out surveys on customer feedabck, not just for the peformance of the boilers, but the aftercare and overall buying experience.

Worcester Boiler Installer Sittingbourne Boiler Replacement

What do I need?

Firstly you need a Home, that’s the obvious answer.  You need to make sure, whoever is paying the bill is in agreement to a boiler being replaced.  You would need to have an idea on what you would like to acheive from your boiler replacement.  Want to make improvements?  Save money? Improve performance? Have something a litte more reliable?  We can guide you, we can carry out some checks and help you understand what can be acheived, oh and how much it will cost.



Firstly, the internet is going to be your best friend.

When it comes to searching online for a new boiler, it can be an incredibly convenient and efficient way to find the right fit for your needs. With just a few clicks, you can access a plethora of information about different boiler models, brands, and features. Online platforms and websites provide detailed descriptions, customer reviews, and price comparisons, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Additionally, many websites offer the option to request quotes or schedule installations, saving you time and hassle. Online research enables you to compare options, read about energy efficiency ratings, and even explore financing options. With the convenience and vast information available, looking online for a new boiler is a great way to find the perfect heating solution for your home.

Online or Face to Face?

Professional Installation: Whether you buy online or through a home visit, it’s essential to have a qualified engineer install your replacement boiler. Incorrect installation can compromise safety and efficiency, so be sure to factor in the cost of professional installation regardless of your purchasing method.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to your preferences and comfort level with researching and making decisions about boiler systems. If you are confident in your research abilities and have a good understanding of your heating needs, buying online can be a viable option. However, if you prefer expert guidance and personalised recommendations, a home visit from an engineer may be the preferred route.

How Much?

The cost of a new boiler in the UK can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of boiler, its size, efficiency rating, brand, and any additional features or installation requirements. On average, a new boiler installation can range between £2,000 and £4,500, including the cost of the boiler itself and the installation by a qualified professional.

Here is a rough breakdown of different types of boilers and their approximate costs:


  1. Combi Boilers: Combines heating and hot water in one unit, making them compact and suitable for smaller homes. Prices usually range from £1,500 to £3,000.


  1. System Boilers: Requires a separate hot water storage cylinder but is better suited for larger households. Prices typically range from £1,500 to £3,500.


  1. Regular Boilers: Also known as traditional or conventional boilers, they require a separate hot water cylinder and cold-water storage tank. Prices usually range from £1,500 to £3,500.

It’s crucial to note that these are just approximate costs, and the final price will depend on various factors, including the specific requirements of your home, any additional work needed for installation, and the region you are in. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from multiple suppliers or installers to get a more accurate estimate for your specific circumstances.


Boiler finance refers to the option of spreading the cost of a replacement over a period of time instead of paying for it all upfront. It provides homeowners with the flexibility to make affordable monthly payments rather than incurring a large one-time expense.

There are various types of boiler finance options available, including:


  1. Personal Loans: You can apply for a personal loan from a bank or financial institution to cover the cost of a boiler. The loan amount and repayment terms will depend on your credit history and the lending institution’s policies.


  1. Boiler Installation Financing: Some manufacturers and installation companies offer financing options directly to customers. These may include interest-free or low-interest payment plans, allowing you to repay the cost of the boiler and installation over a set period.


  1. Home Improvement Loans: In some cases, it may be possible to secure a home improvement loan specifically for purchasing and installing a replacement boiler or a new bathroom. These loans are typically secured against your property and may have longer repayment terms.

It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any boiler finance arrangement, including interest rates, repayment schedules, and any additional fees or charges. Consider comparing offers from different lenders or financing providers to ensure you choose an option that suits your budget and financial situation.

It’s worth noting that eligibility for finance may depend on factors such as credit history, income, and the lending institution’s criteria. It’s advisable to seek professional advice and consider your financial circumstances before committing to any form of boiler finance.

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