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Our Liam Servicing one of our boilers, great job Liam

Do I Actually Need A New Boiler? With A Service!

A flue gas annalyser being used to check the boilers performanceOur engineer Liam cleaning a filter

Do You Actually Need A New Boiler? With A Service!


If your boiler is under 10 years old, when was the last time you had it serviced?


Goodness me, I’m bored just thinking about it, let alone writing it and now you’re reading it, right, I’ll try and keep this interesting…I Promise!!


If your boiler is noisy, sluggish, costing you a decent amount of money, it may need a once over.


FIRSTLY – How often…

How often should I have a boiler serviced?.. Great question 


If we’re heating guys, we should be telling you to have this carried out once a year.


If you have a boiler under warranty/guarantee, keep this valid by doing this.


Getting a boiler serviced may be a smart move.  Possibly save you the cost of a new boiler.  Maybe not forever, but give you a few more years with that boiler you’ve become so close to.  Small adjustments can be made, performance can be checked, perhaps we may even find small problems.  If caught soon enough, it will WITHOUT A DOUBT negate things manifesting into costly repairs.


Wait a minute…

But hey…What is the average cost of a boiler service?  Ah, we have taken the guesswork out of things.  You can get an instant price for a boiler service, gas safety check or both combined (for a cheeky discount) by clicking HERE.  There’s no need to go to British Gas, Worcester Bosch, Homeserve… Shop local, come to us, we’re rated on Trustpilot, Checkatrade and the like.  There is a good chance, we’ll be cheaper, you’ll receive a nice personal service and you’ll get a reminder for next year.  Also, because our engineers like it here, if you like the engineer, you’ll probably be able to request them the next time we’re with you.


You know what, whilst we’re with you, let’s give those radiators a once over.  We can check the operation of your controls too whilst we’re at it.


Save Money, Keep Your Old Boiler


Have you considered ditching those plans to get rid of our old boiler and perhaps thought about enhancing your existing system with TRV’s and/or Smart Thermostat?  Normally soooooo easy to do and for a fraction of the cost of a new boiler.  Learn More Here.

Tom Hewitt
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