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Installing a Boiler in Your Bedroom. Yes or No?

Common places to install a boiler include utility rooms, kitchens and lofts. However, what if you have a small kitchen or a utility room? You can install a boiler basically anywhere in your home, including your bedroom, as most modern boilers can be tucked away into a wardrobe. But here are a few things to consider, including how safe it is to install a boiler in your bedroom, before you make the final decision.

Boiler in Bedroom – 4 Factors to Consider

You are probably wondering whether installing a boiler in your bedroom would be a good idea. Here’s what you should consider:

1. Noise

Modern boilers are way quieter than they were decades ago, but they are still not completely silent. If you have trouble falling asleep, even the slightest noise may get on your nerves. So, having a boiler in your bedroom may be OK if you can sleep through anything, otherwise prepare yourself for interrupted sleep.

In case you have already installed a boiler in your bedroom, and it has gradually got louder (gurgling and clunking), don’t ignore the noise. Your boiler probably needs to be serviced. Contact us if you need help with getting this sorted.

2. Space

Luckily, you won’t have to sacrifice much space in your bedroom if you want to fit in a boiler there. If you install it somewhere out of sight (for instance, in a wardrobe), you’ll hardly notice it is there at all.

3. Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide coming out of a faulty boiler can be fatal. When breathed in, this highly poisonous gas results in death in 36 to 40% of cases. So if you do want to install a boiler in your bedroom, it’s crucially important that it’s brand new boiler and is serviced every year.

4. Warmth in the Room

All appliances tend to get hot when working. The same applies to boilers. If you like your bedroom to be super-warm, then installing a boiler in there won’t be a problem. However, keep in mind a boiler will make the temperature in your bedroom go up, even during summertime, so it would be best to insulate the cupboard to prevent room overheating.

So, is it Safe to Install a Boiler in Your Bedroom?

Although the stats about carbon monoxide poisoning may scare you, the truth is – boilers nowadays are safer and more reliable than ever. A Gas Safe engineer should have it properly installed and ensure the boiler room is well sealed (which will prevent fumes from coming out into the room). According to regulations, if you want to install a gas boiler 14kw and up, the room has to be sealed. Either way, a Gas Safe engineer will advise you on this matter before performing the installation.


If you have some free space in your bedroom, installing a compact boiler in there could be a good idea. Just keep in mind a boiler might produce some noise and increase the temperature in your room. If you need help finding the ideal place to install a new boiler, we’d be glad to help. You can get an instant quote on a new boiler via this link or contact us via email or phone to have a chat with one of our friendly engineers.

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