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Is a Combi Boiler Worth Switching To?

More than half of homes in the UK are fitted with combi boilers, do you want to know the reason behind their popularity? What is a new combi boiler, how does it work, is it just hype or it is worth switching to? Here’s a definitive guide on combi boilers we’ve created to help you make an informed decision. Ready to dive deep into this topic? Find out what makes Worcester Bosch combi boiler and the Baxi Combi boiler so popular these days.

What Exactly Is a New Combi Boiler?

A combi (combination) boiler is a single unit that supplies your home with both heating and hot water (an unlimited supply of hot water to be precise). This space-saving, brilliant appliance never keeps you waiting, providing heating and hot water almost instantly. Compact in size and easy to install and can truly provide you with the ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

How Does a Combi Boiler Work?

Now that you know what a combination boiler is, you probably want to know how it works. Is this some kind of magic or what?

Back in the day, homeowners across the UK had to heat up an immersion heater (a unit located upstairs in their airing cupboards, connected to a header tank located in the loft) in order to heat some water. With combi boilers, there’s no such thing as a separate water heater. You have hot water available at any moment, on demand.

This appliance is supplied with hot water directly from the mains. In other words, hot water is generated in a jiffy thanks to a gas burner and a heat exchanger. Some modern combi boilers come with small reservoirs of water (pre-heat systems) that always keep a certain amount of water at a certain temperature, ready to flow out when you open the tap.

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What Size Combi Boiler Is Perfect for Your Home?

It depends on the number of radiators in your home that you typically use and your hot water demand. If you live in a 3 to 4 bedroom house, a 20-35kW boiler will do. You can go for a 35-42kW combi boiler if you live in a larger home or have a higher demand for hot water and heating.

How Much Does a Combi Boiler Cost?

Worcester Bosch has an amazing offer of A-rated combi boilers priced between £767 and £2,400. Note that installation costs are not included. Your Heat is an accredited Worcester Bosch boiler fitter in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and the London area. If you want to have your new gas or LPG boiler installed by professionals, please contact us today.

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The Pros and Cons of Combi Boilers


  • Space-saving
  • Almost instant and unlimited water supply
  • Quick installation
  • Affordable
  • Low installation costs
  • Easier to service
  • Less sludge/buildup


  • Not suitable for large homes

So, Should You Switch to a Combi Boiler?

If the idea of having hot water on demand sounds appealing, then switching to a combi boiler could be a good idea. Not only are these units super-easy to install but they also can give you more space in your home (goodbye large tanks and containers). However, keep in mind combination systems can’t supply larger homes. An average combi boiler makes a great fit for homes with up to 4 bedrooms and 15 radiators but not larger. Check out Baxi combi boiler and Worcester Bosch combi boilers today.


Now it’s clear why combi boilers are such a popular choice among UK homeowners. Interested in having a gas combi boiler installed in the shortest time possible? Let Your Heat’s Gas Safe engineers handle this for you. Get a free, instant quote on a new boiler, or contact us now to speak to one of our friendly engineers who will answer all your questions.

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