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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 4000 30kw Combination 4000 25kw Combination

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 Combi Boiler

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 Combination boilers offer unparralleled quality in it’s range.  With the 4000 30kw Combination and 4000 25kw Combination they have you covered.

In the range:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kw Combi – Take me HERE

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kw Combi – Take me HERE


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4000 25KW Combination

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kW Combination Boiler: An Efficient Home Heating Solution



When it comes to heating our homes, efficiency and reliability are key factors to consider. Worcester Bosch has long been recognised as a leading manufacturer of high-quality boilers.  With the Greenstar 4000 25kW Combination Boiler there is no exception. Designed to provide both heating and hot water in a compact unit. This boiler offers exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and numerous benefits for homeowners.


Ideal boiler for small homes – Single bathroom

Firstly, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kW Combination Boiler is a powerful unit.  That effortlessly keeps your home warm and cozy, even in the coldest of winters. With a 25kW output, it can efficiently heat larger properties while maintaining a constant temperature throughout. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious family home.  This boiler is equipped to meet your heating needs perfectly.


The Stats

– Between 7-10 years guarantee 

– Hot water flow rate of 10.2 Litre a minute.

– 4000 Combi Dimensions: Height 724mm x Width 400mm x Depth 310mm

– 25kw Heat Output

– Max Flue Length 12m (100mm) 21m (125mm)

– Available in Gas & LPG


Efficiency as standard

Additionally, energy efficiency is a significant advantage of the Greenstar 4000. Boasting an A-rated efficiency, this boiler is designed to minimise energy wastage.  Helping you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills. In an era of growing environmental awareness.  Investing in an energy-efficient heating solution is not only responsible but also financially beneficial in the long run.


Hush, one very quiet boiler here

Moreover, the Greenstar 4000 25kW Combination Boiler is exceptionally quiet in operation.  Ensuring a peaceful living environment. Its quiet operation ensures that you and your family can enjoy a comfortable home without any disruptive noises. Say goodbye to clunky and noisy heating systems and embrace the tranquility brought by Worcester Bosch’s advanced technology.


Hassle Free Installation

Furthermore, installation and maintenance are made hassle-free with this boiler. Worcester Bosch is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction.  The Greenstar 4000 is no exception. With its compact size and flexible installation options, the boiler can easily fit into most spaces.  Making it an excellent choice even for properties with limited room. Additionally, a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer support provide peace of mind.  Knowing that you are backed by a reliable and reputable company. Sounds good right?


Features to be reckoned with

In addition to these remarkable features, the Greenstar 4000 25kW Combination Boiler incorporates advanced technology. For precise temperature control and optimum performance. It includes smart features.  Such as a clear, user-friendly control panel, enabling you to effortlessly monitor.  Also enabling you to adjust your heating and hot water settings. This level of control allows you to tailor your home’s temperature to your specific needs.  Ensuring ultimate comfort at all times.


Our Conclusion:

Lastly, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kW Combination Boiler is an outstanding choice for homeowners.  Those seeking efficiency, reliability, and comfort. With its powerful heating capabilities, energy-saving features, quiet operation, and user-friendly controls.  This boiler offers an unparalleled heating experience. Upgrade your home with Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar 4000.  Go ahead and enjoy a warm and cozy sanctuary while contributing to a more sustainable future.


Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30KW Combination


Introduction to the 4000 30kw Combi

Choosing the right boiler for your home is a crucial decision that ensures optimal heating and hot water supply. If you’re considering the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 Combi range, it’s essential to understand the advantages of the 30kW model over its 25kW counterpart. This blog aims to highlight the key features and benefits that make the 30kW Greenstar 4000 Combi the superior choice for homeowners seeking unparalleled performance and efficiency.


Large enough to cope

Firstly, one notable advantage of the 30kW Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 Combi is its higher heating output capacity. With an extra 5kW power compared to the 25kW model, the 30kW Combi provides more warmth and comfort for medium to large-sized homes. This increased output ensures a consistent and efficient heating performance, even during the coldest winter months. Say goodbye to chilly corners in your home, as the 30kW Greenstar 4000 Combi guarantees superior heat distribution.


The Stats

– Between 7-10 years guarantee 

– Hot water flow rate of 12.3 Litre a minute.

– Height 724mm x Width 400mm x Depth 310mm

– 30kw Heat Output

– Max Flue Length 12m (100mm) 21m (125mm)

– Gas and LPG

Furthermore, the higher output of the 30kW Greenstar 4000 Combi allows for a more responsive and powerful heating system. This means that the boiler can quickly adjust to temperature fluctuations and meet the demands of multiple hot water outlets simultaneously. Whether you need a hot shower while someone else is using the kitchen tap, the 4000 30kw Combination model ensures an uninterrupted and reliable supply of hot water, providing convenience for your entire household.


Faster Flow rate

Also, the increased output of the 30kW Greenstar 4000 Combi makes it ideal for properties with larger heating demands. If you have a home with more than one bathroom or require higher hot water flow rates, the 30kW model can effortlessly meet these requirements. Its greater capacity ensures that you never have to compromise on comfort or convenience, no matter the demands of your household.

It’s Efficient!

Additionally, the 30kW Greenstar 4000 Combi offers the same exceptional energy efficiency and advanced features as the 25kW model. Both models have a high-efficiency rating, ensuring that you maintain a warm and comfortable home while minimizing energy consumption. However, with the 30kW model, you benefit from increased output efficiency, providing more heating power without sacrificing energy-saving capabilities.


Moreover, while the 30kW Greenstar 4000 Combi offers superior performance, it doesn’t compromise on size or installation flexibility. Worcester Bosch’s commitment to space-saving design ensures that the 30kW model can fit into various installation scenarios, even in homes with limited space. You can enjoy the benefits of a high-performance boiler without worrying about compatibility or spatial constraints.



In conclusion, the 4000 30kw Combination proves to be a superior choice compared to its 25kW counterpart. With increased heating output, greater responsiveness, and the ability to meet higher hot water demands, the 30kW model ensures unparalleled performance and comfort for your home. Additionally, it maintains the energy efficiency and advanced features that make the Greenstar 4000 Combi range exceptional. Say goodbye to compromise and embrace the power of the 30kW model for an unbeatable heating and hot water experience that meets the needs of your household.


Tom Hewitt
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